Back to School Survival Guide

News flash: school starts soon, which means your family’s lazy summer evenings are numbered.

Even if your home gets hectic this fall, there are some simple things you can do now to reduce stress and help your child stay healthy.

Here are three ways you can make back to school a healthy transition!

  1. Schedule your child’s well-check or sports physical.
    And here’s a little secret about doctor’s offices, says pediatrician Ashley Lucas, MD: they’re less busy in summer. “There’s time to talk about behavioral concerns, growth and development questions or concerns about weight,” Dr. Lucas says. “And we’re also screening for things the parent may not even realize, such as speech, scoliosis, abnormal weight gain, and we can discuss preventive care such as sun protection, injury protection or menstrual cycle questions for girls.”

    To see a full list of what to expect at your child’s well-check, click here.

  2. Update vaccinations.
    While you’re at the well-check appointment, make sure your child’s vaccinations are up to date. Sets of shots are prescribed at various ages up through young adulthood, so ask your child’s pediatrician about what immunizations are due.

  3. A little special treatment goes far.
    Children with chronic conditions such as asthma, chronic allergies, or attention deficit disorder often miss school because of illness or medical appointments. It’s a good idea to visit their specialist before school starts to avoid missing too much school. The same goes for appointments to see the dentist or eye doctor.

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