Patients Guide

Welcome to Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital. We are happy you have chosen our hospital for your child's medical needs. We would like to make your visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Our Medical Care Team

Your child will be cared for by many medical professionals, all specially trained to treat children. We are dedicated to offering safe, state-of-the-art healthcare for your child, and being a resource and partner alongside you.

YOU are one of the most important members of your child’s medical care team. We encourage you to ask questions, speak up and help make decisions about your child’s care..

  • Other members of your child’s medical care team may include:
  • Hospitalist: Board Certified pediatrician who is in charge of your child’s care while in the hospital. They coordinate treatment with other doctors and supervise the care team.
  • Intern: A doctor in his or her first year of medical training (after medical school). Under the supervision of a lead doctor, the intern is responsible for the day-to-day care of your child, and you will see him or her the most.
  • Resident: A doctor (MD or DO) who has completed medical school and is training to practice medicine in a specialized field. A resident practices under the supervision of an attending (or lead) doctor.
  • Senior Resident: A doctor in his or her final years of specialty medical training. This person is responsible for knowing about every child in the hospital and providing updates to the attending (lead) doctor.
  • Medical Student: Students in their third or fourth year of medical school. These students are learning about caring for kids and are supervised by physician interns, residents and lead doctors.
  • Physician Assistant: Assists the doctor in providing your child’s medical care.
  • Subspecialist Doctor: Doctors from other specialties who may be brought onto your child’s medical care team to offer recommendations.
  • Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital care team includes other members that help support your emotional or social needs as well during your hospitalization. These may include:
  • Chaplain: Offers spiritual care, support and prayer according to each family’s needs.
  • Child Life Specialist: Helps children and families understand and cope with their illness or injury through therapeutic play, preparation for procedures and education.
  • Dietitian: Evaluates your child’s nutritional needs and teaches families important healthy habits.
  • Nurse: Healthcare professional who is specially trained to care for your child and collaborate with the entire team to help your child get better. Your nurse will provide care and education daily.
  • Phlebotomist: Obtains blood samples for your child’s lab work. Our team can work with you to make needle sticks a more comfortable experience for you and your child. Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapist: Helps your child to maintain or restore a level of fitness, perform activities of daily living or improve speech.
  • Respiratory Therapist: Provides specialized care for your child’s breathing needs.
  • Care Manager: Helps you and your child cope with illness and hospitalization by connecting you with community resources, like support groups or referrals for financial assistance.
  • Volunteer: A person donating the gift of their time to help make the hospital experience more enjoyable.

What to Bring

For Your Child:

  • Comfortable daytime clothing and pajamas and/or robe
  • Special comfort item, such as a bottle, cup, book, toy, pillowcase or blanket
  • Toiletry items such as hairbrushes, toothbrushes, etc.
  • Containers for glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, dental retainers
  • We will supply diapers, hospital gowns and slipper socks for your child. We will also provide most baby care items, such as bottles and formula.

For Yourself

  • Overnight bag, including comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Sweater or light jacket
  • Medicines you take regularly
  • Items that help you pass time, such as books, magazines, knitting
  • Cell phone, so staff can reach you when you’re off the unit
  • Cell phone charger
  • We advise you to leave valuables at home. Please be sure to label personal items you bring to the hospital.

Hospital Amenities

We want you and your family to feel as comfortable as possible during your stay. Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital offers several amenities to help with your time in the hospital, including dining options, cleaning and spiritual care.

Free Wi-Fi

You are welcome to use the hospitals WiFi connection for free during your stay.

Please select the “ololguest” network to connect.


We offer room service dining for patients and their parents. A catering associate from our Dietary Service Department will visit your room to take your food orders. They will leave a phone number where you can reach them directly should you require additional assistance.

We also offer dining options on-site, including:

  • Our Lady of the Lake Café (6:30 am - 8 pm) First Floor, near Elevator E (225) 765-6368
  • Our Lady of the Lake Food Court (First Floor, near Elevator B) provides additional dining options:
    • CC’s Coffee House (M-F 6 am-8 pm, Weekends 7 am - 4 pm) (225) 765-1129
    • Our food court located near Elevator B on the first floor has several additional dining options including some that are open 24 hours.
  • There are several off-site restaurants within walking distance along with some that offer delivery. Please see the nurse’s station for an up-to-date list.


There are several hotels near Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center. Many of these offer a “Compassion Rate” for you and your loved ones. The nurse’s station has an up-to-date listing of these hotels along with their rates and amenities.

Clean linen - Your child’s nursing team will provide clean linens and change the sheets in your room as needed. We will also provide linen for any family member staying overnight.

Housekeeping - Your room will be cleaned at least once per day. This includes trash removal, bathroom cleaned and floors swept and mopped. If you need additional cleaning, please ask the nursing team or (225) 765-8722.

Parking - You may purchase a weekly parking pass for $10 for Garage 2 in the Cashier’s Office on the First Floor or the Above and Beyond Gift Shop

Spiritual care - Our pastoral care team is available to provide you with spiritual assistance 24/7, regardless of your religion. A chaplain may visit your room during your stay and can be reached at (225) 765-8896. We also have Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel open to patients, families and friends for prayer and meditation. This is located on the first floor near the Gift Shop.

Above and Beyond Gift Shop - Our gift shop is located on the first floor near Elevator B and features a wide selection of cards, stationery, gifts, toiletries and other items. (225) 765-8775

Visiting Hours

For the safety and health of our patients, their families, our visitors and team members, Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital allows visiting hours between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., seven days a week.

Parents and/or legal guardians or caregivers may be with their child 24/7, however all other visitors, including siblings and relatives must visit during designated visiting hours

All visitors and parents must present a government-issued identification card (a driver's license, state ID card, etc.) upon exiting the elevator on the third floor. The ID will be run through a national database to screen for potential safety risks to our patients, including sexual offenders, criminal activity or other risk factors

Your visitor badge will be valid for the day it is issued