Pre-surgery Checklist

Making sure you have everything ready to go can help make your surgery experience easier! Check out our handy guide below for any questions you may have.

The Evening Before Your Procedure

  • It is important that your child does not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before his/her procedure unless instructed differently by your doctor (this includes water, candy and chewing gum)
  • If your child takes medications such as insulin or any other medication, ask your doctor about special instructions
  • Bathe your child with an antibacterial soap before his/her procedure
  • Notify the doctor if your child has the following three days before surgery:
    • Cold or flu symptoms
    • An asthma attack
    • Fever
    • Any infection including toothaches

The Day of Your Procedure

  • Report to St. Mary's Tower Admissions on the second floor of the hospital. Parking is available in the parking garage next to the hospital for $3 each time you exit. Free parking is available in the lots across Hennessy Boulevard

Please Bring These Items With You

  • Insurance card
  • Home medications in original bottles. If unable to bring original bottles please bring a current list including dosage
  • If your child takes a bottle, please bring it with the formula so it can be given after surgery. We will provide juice and water after surgery; if your child uses a sippy cup, please bring it with you
  • A favorite blanket, toy or stuffed animal

During Your Procedure

  • Your family will be directed to the surgery waiting room. The operating room staff will notify you on the progress of your child's procedure
  • After the procedure is complete, the doctor will speak with you and you will be able to join your child in the recovery room

After Your Procedure

  • Your discharge nurse will discuss and provide you with written instructions on how to care for your child at home
  • Our staff will answer all questions prior to your discharge.