Child Life Practicum Program

A Child Life Practicum provides students who are majoring in Child Life, Family Studies, Child Development, or a related field the opportunity to work with hospitalized children under the supervision of a certified Child Life Specialist. Practicum students will have the opportunity to observe the Child Life Specialist facilitate pre-procedural preparation, procedural support and distraction, and medical/therapeutic play. Practicum students will also have the opportunity to participate in playroom programming and provide bedside play.

Practicum Goals/Objectives:

  • Become familiar with the Child Life profession and Child Life services offered on a general pediatric unit.
  • Recognize and understand children’s and adolescent’s reactions to stress, illness, and hospitalization, based on developmental theories.
  • Develop communication skills with children and families in the healthcare setting.
  • Gain knowledge of Medical Terminology, diagnoses, and procedures.
  • Recognize the value of play and psychosocially supportive interventions.
  • Learn and practice intervention techniques with hospitalized children.
  • Plan and facilitate playroom activities and bedside activities.

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