Child Life Specialists

Our Child Life Specialists are members of a healthcare team specifically trained to work with children and help them understand their illness and what to expect while in the hospital. Child Life Specialists help the hospital become a not so scary place for children.

They are educated in child development or a related field of study so they communicate with our patients in terms that a child can understand. Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital is the only hospital in Baton Rouge with a Child Life Department, and our team is the largest in Louisiana.

Our Child Life Department has a variety of ways to help children understand their care.

  • Guided medical play with dolls and medical equipment
  • Child friendly photos describing procedures
  • Distraction techniques before, during and after surgery
  • Working with medical staff to understand your child’s unique needs
  • Help children and their families express healthy emotions during a long hospital stay
  • Offer support for families coping with loss or grief

If you would like to learn more about being a Child Life Specialist click to learn more about our Internship Program and Practicum Program.

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