Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer at Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital, you have many different options to make a difference in the lives of children. Our volunteer opportunities are grouped into the following categories.

  1. Inpatient Volunteers work directly with hospitalized patients.
  2. Outpatient Volunteers work with patients in outpatient clinics or waiting rooms.
  3. Community Volunteers represent the organization at health events, fairs and screenings by providing education and performing other support roles.

Inpatient Volunteer Opportunities

  • Corporate Volunteers – Represent an approved corporation in a group no larger than 10 people for a one-time special event held in the playroom. To request a visit, please fill out an online application here. To see our menu of Corporate Volunteer options please click here.
  • Child Life Volunteers – Work with the Child Life Department to provide comfort and distraction for patients and families. Responsibilities include playroom interaction with patients, siblings and family members, making rounds with toys and bedside play, toy and playroom cleaning, copying, sorting and organization of playroom items. This volunteer opportunity is ideal for students seeking to fulfill volunteer hour requirements prior to applying for a practicum or internship with Child Life.
  • Child Life Students – Learn about the hospital environment, experience interactions with hospitalized children and families, increase confidence in developmentally appropriate activity choices, and assist the child life team in helping make the hospital experience less frightening.

Learn more about our Child Life Practicum program here. If you are looking to gain specialized fieldwork experienced under a certified Child Life Specialist, click here to learn about our Child Life Internship program. If you are student not affiliated with an approved university/college and wish to apply for a Child Life Practicum or Internship with Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital please click here.

  • Comfort Cart Volunteers – Help deliver comfort items to parents of patients by ushering our whimsical Comfort Cart stocked with amenities, refreshments, books and activities for adult caregivers.
  • Hands and Hearts Volunteers – Work with our nursing staff to rock a baby or entertain an older child while parents take a break from the bedside.
  • heART Cart Volunteers – Share your creativity by helping patients discover their inner Picasso or express emotions through art activities that are stocked on a special cart that rolls room to room
  • Hello Helper Volunteers – Serve as greeters for families who are newly admitted. They assist with directions and visit patient rooms to inform families about amenities and services available.
  • Lullaby League Volunteers – Visit room to room before bedtime to read stories to older children and sing lullabies to babies and younger children helping our patients and families settle in for a good night’s rest.
  • Luv on a Leash Volunteers – Work with the Tiger Hats Pet Therapy program, operated by the LSU Vet School, and accompany service animals and their owners as they provide pet therapy to our patients and their families.
  • Pediatric Emergency Room Volunteers – Support families in the waiting room and triage rooms with activities such as reading and arts and crafts.
  • Puppet Pals Volunteers – Make children laugh while teaching them about important health safety topics through scripted puppet shows in our mobile puppet theater.
  • Service Volunteers – Assemble craft kits or goodie bags from home, school or office for delivery to patients and parents.
  • Special Entertainment Visitors – Share a special talent or performance for our patients or visit the hospital on a one-time basis. Please complete this online special visitor request form at least four weeks prior to the proposed visit. If your entertainment request is accepted, you will be contacted to schedule details of your visit. For additional information, please contact the Volunteer Department at volunteers@ololchildrens.org.
  • Team Member Volunteers – Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System (FMOLHS) team members who would like to volunteer their services to Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital on their time off should contact the Volunteer Department at volunteers@ololchildrens.org. Team member volunteers participate on an as-needed basis.
  • Walk on the Wild Side Volunteers – Help patients grow their imaginations through nature play in a Horticulture Therapy program led by the Baton Rouge Master Gardeners Association.
  • Where's WeeGeaux Volunteers – Provide patients the opportunity to visit class, attend an event, or explore museums, the zoo, and other exciting destinations without ever leaving the hospital. Volunteers facilitate these virtual interactions by escorting the Wee Geaux V-Go robot from the hospital to the onsite event location and return V-Go to the hospital when the event is complete.

Outpatient Clinic Volunteer Opportunities

  • Clinic Volunteers – Keep children company in clinic waiting rooms like the one in our Outpatient Pediatric Lab located in the Medical Plaza Office Building adjacent to Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital
  • St. Jude Affiliate Clinic Volunteers – Assist outpatient clinic staff by keeping children company while they receive chemotherapy or entertaining children in the St. Jude Clinic waiting room.

Community Volunteer Opportunities

Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital reaches children beyond the walls of the hospital by working in the community through various community pediatric programs. The hospital provides screenings and education at health fairs on car seat safety, safe sleep, and health and wellness. This special group of volunteers assists on an as needed basis at special scheduled community events.