Wayfinding Icons and Brand Characters

It is said that St. Francis of Assisi did not merely love the environment, he worshipped creation. Seeing animals as his brothers and sisters because they were God’s creatures, he is quoted saying, “Ask the beasts, and they will teach you the beauty of this Earth.”

This peaceful, spiritual connection to nature is manifested within the new Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital architecture. It is woven and spun throughout the fluid motion of the first floor concourse depicting the famous Mississippi River; it is defined by each feature of the diverse and rich Louisiana eco-regions; and is punctuated by the indigenous creatures that highlight God’s unique creation.


Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health New Icons and Characters from FMOLHS on Vimeo.


Pelican, Main Lobby
Color story: Aqua Blues

Louisiana’s official state bird will greet patients from the moment they enter our front doors and are greeted by the flow and colors of the Mississippi River.


Crab and Crawfish, Café
Color Story: Warm Reds

The crab will welcome patients and guests to our café filled with delicious, healthy food representative of the Gulf.



Alligator and Bullfrog, Emergency Department
Color Story: Bright Greens

The alligator and bullfrog live in our bayou ecosystem and will welcome patients in our emergency department.



Fawn and Fox, Surgery
Color Story: Buttercream Yellows

Our surgical patients will say hello to our friends the deer and the fox on the second floor which showcases the marshes of Louisiana.

Roseate Spoonbill


Roseate Spoonbill and Redfish, Hematology/Oncology Floor
Color Story: Purples

Our third floor hematology/oncology patients receiving treatment will be greeted by the spoonbill and the redfish hailing from the coastline of Louisiana.



Beaver and Duckling, ICU Floor
Color Story: Deep Blue

Our builder friend the beaver and the duckling will calm patients on the ICU fourth floor that showcases the rivers and streams of our state.



Black Bear and Raccoon, Medical Floor
Color Story: Forest Greens

The black bear and the raccoon highlight the piney woods of Louisiana and greet patients as they enter for post-surgical or other inpatient care.