Let's Build Amazing

Our vision is to become a destination center of excellence delivering the highest level of pediatric care in a freestanding children’s hospital. Building a larger, stand-alone hospital will have a lasting impact on Louisiana’s families.

One-fourth of Louisiana’s population is children. That means more than one million children in our state rely on us to create a healthier future for them. For decades, Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital has provided excellent pediatric healthcare by serving Louisiana’s children—but we’re not done yet.

Whether through community outreach programs, health education, physician training, advanced research, or a state-of-the-art hospital completely dedicated to the care and healing of children, Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital stands ready to change our children’s future.

We are ready to reverse the trends that tell us our children are less than healthy, and instead create hopeful and vibrant futures for our most precious resources.

We believe a freestanding children’s hospital and a statewide network of pediatric clinical excellence will transform our state and make this vision possible. But we can’t do it without Louisiana advocates like you standing with us.

Let’s Build Amazing.