Life in Baton Rouge

Life in the Capital of Louisiana is vibrant and varied from its cultural offerings to its cuisine, outdoor activities and more.

Things To Do

Known as the "Sportsman's Paradise," Louisiana enjoys year-round warm temperatures, offering limitless outdoor possibilities such as fishing, golf and water sports.

Baton Rouge has all the features of a modern city: inviting nightlife, performing arts centers, interesting museums and a lively culinary and music scene.

A Southern city steeped in French influence, Baton Rouge serves up lots of Cajun food as well as traditional down-home Southern cooking. Delicious seafood from the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean inspired dishes also make their way on the city's menus.

Quality of Life

With excellent schools and universities, a number of healthcare and medical research facilities and promising economic opportunities, quality of life in Baton Rouge is very high for individuals and families alike.

Newcomer Information

The Visit Baton Rouge website offers newcomer resources.