Is Your Child's Asthma Under Control?

Is Your Child's Asthma Under Control

If you have a child with asthma, you probably know how diligent you need to be to ensure your child’s asthma is controlled and that they stay healthy. It’s sometimes a silent pain, because as a parent you can’t see your child’s lung swelling, and they may become accustomed to breathing erratically, and may not realize they aren’t feeling well.

May is Asthma Awareness Month, and Louisiana ranks in the top 25 percent for asthma-related deaths. Many of these deaths are preventable with improved education and understanding of how asthma works. I counsel families every day with tips of how to control their child’s asthma. It’s so important to educate yourself—and your child—about this disease, and take daily steps to keep asthma’s symptoms in check.

Consider the three questions below to determine if your child’s asthma is under control. If you answer yes to any one of the following questions you should consider seeing your pediatrician immediately.

  1. Are you using your child’s quick-relief medication (Albuterol, Pro-air, Ventolin) or seeing asthma symptoms more than two times in a week?
  2. Is your child waking up at night with asthma symptoms or a cough more than twice in a month?
  3. Have you filled your child’s quick-relief medication (Albuterol, Pro-air, Ventolin) more than two times in the last 12 months?

We’ve put together several more suggestions about how you can talk with your child about asthma and support them through this journey: Click here to request our “Helping Your Child Manage Their Asthma” guide.  

About Tracy Marquette

Tracy Marquette, RRT, AE-C is the Coordinator for the Community Asthma Management Program and an asthma educator at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital.