Teen suffers chest pain days after an auto accident

Chest Pains and an Aching Heart

It’s what every parent of a teen driver fears: their kid is in an accident requiring an emergency room visit.

It was on a Saturday night, after a homecoming dance, that 17-year-old Kaylee Ramsey’s Honda was struck by a hit-and-run driver in North Baton Rouge. Her Honda was totaled, and her airbag caused deep bruises in her chest.

Her mom, Michelle Ramsey, took her to an urgent care clinic that night to be checked out, and to their relief she was.

But by Tuesday, Kaylee was experiencing chest pain, so Michelle took her to the ER at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital.

“Kaylee has a very high tolerance to pain,” Michelle said, pointing out that Kaylee plays basketball and is on the dance team. “She said, ‘Mom my heart hurts,’ so I knew it was real.”

The wreck also reignited memories of a trauma Kaylee’s family experienced two years earlier. A drunk driver had struck her and her younger brothers, Samuel Shropshire, 4, and Khaiden Ramsey, 6, both of whom lost their lives that day in 2016.

The physical pain Kaylee felt on Tuesday wasn’t a cause for concern, staff ER physician Richard Lasseigne, MD, determined. He ordered x-rays, examined Kaylee and monitored her vital signs and prescribed pain medication.

Kaylee wound up missing a week of dance team practice, and she returned to her therapist to talk through how the traumatic memory was affecting her. By late October she was practicing again, and preparing for the first basketball game of the season.

“They did really good from triage on. We got back there and saw Dr. Lasseigne and the nurse practitioner, who were amazing. And Dr. Lasseigne kept us laughing, which took the focus off of the dread we felt coming back to the ER.”

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