An Ordinary Night of Extraordinary Care

Sick and injured children of all ages arrive around the clock at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, home of the region’s only 24-hour pediatric emergency department.

On an unremarkable Tuesday in October, we sent a photographer and writer to document the medical team’s work for a full shift. From mid-afternoon until midnight, we photographed patients, parents, physicians, nurses and support staff.

None of the patients who arrived during those 9 hours suffered from severe or life-threatening conditions. Still, the time and attention physicians and nurses shared with the patients and their families revealed just how committed the team is to providing compassionate care and comfort.

These stories provide an intimate glimpse of extraordinary pediatric care provided on one ordinary night.

Keeping a 6-year-old relaxed while running down a cause for infection

Teen suffers chest pain days after an auto accident

Did a toddler swallow his grandmother’s blood pressure medicine?

3-month-old has difficulty breathing

Keeping a child’s spirits up while checking her heart

Support staff helps set this ER apart