Having Faith in Lake Charles

Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health is providing specialized care to children from all over Louisiana. This is Faith’s story.

Dr. Brad Culota with patient Faith Berken.

A Lake Charles family accustomed to traveling far and wide for pediatric specialty care for their infant daughter now gets all her care at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health.

Hannah “Faith” Berken is a sweet-natured and happy 2-year-old despite her need for constant medical care and attention. She was born four months premature with a host of medical complications.

“She has a determined spirit; she’s a fighter,” said her mom, Kayla Berken.

With these pressing needs for medical procedures, Kayla assumed she’d be hopping between hospitals and clinics to various specialists.

Then Kayla took Faith to Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital to see Brad Culotta, MD, an orthopedic surgeon with Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health.

“Dr. Culotta came in the room and went straight to Faith and started talking to her, making her smile, and then he introduced himself to me,” Kayla recalled. “He was amazing; we love him!”

Construction on the freestanding children’s hospital in Baton Rouge will be complete in 2019, but Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health is already providing specialty care to more children like Faith from all over Louisiana thanks to our growing team of physician specialists and our expanding network of satellite clinics.

Faith receives specialty care from Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health pulmonologists Andres Carrion-Vargas, MD, and Thomas Horsman, MD; gastrointestinal specialist J. Brannon Alberty, MD; and endocrinologist Chantal Lutfallah, MD.

To repair Faith’s hip, Dr. Culotta offered to collaborate with Drs. Horsman, Carrion and Alberty so they could perform three needed — but unrelated — medical procedures under one anesthesia, reducing the risk.

“Those three doctors jumped through hoops to make it happen so she’d only have to have one procedure,” Kayla said. “They literally had to turn their schedules around for this baby.”

Today, Faith is learning sign language and is learning to walk with the help of a pediatric walker, Kayla said. “She’s a miracle to come out on top of everything she’s been through.”

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