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Summer 2018 Edition

Providing Specialized Care for Children Who Live All Over Louisiana.

A State of Care

Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health is providing specialized care to children who live all over Louisiana. We’d like you to meet some of them.

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New Clinic Helping Families Conquer Difficult Feeding Disorders

Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health has created a new clinic that provides innovative treatments for children with severe feeding disorders.

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Reducing the risk of one sport injuries

4 Ways to Reduce Risk of ‘One-Sport’ Injuries

Kids who play one sport or activity year round are more prone to strains, pulls, tears or breaks. These tips can help reduce your child’s risk of one-sport injuries.

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Dr. Shelia Moore

How Dr. Sheila Moore Brought Unsurpassed Cancer Care to Louisiana

In Dr. Sheila Moore’s five decades treating children with cancer and blood disorders, no achievement has had more impact than opening a satellite clinic of one of the world’s leading cancer hospitals for children right here at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health.

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