Insurance Information

Our Lady of the Lake accepts verified commercial insurance coverage. Patients may be requested to pay a known deductible and co-insurance amount at the time of service. Our Lady of the Lake can also file a claim for verified secondary insurance coverage on a patient's behalf, after payment is received and the hospital has an explanation of benefits from his/her primary payor.


Patients should present their commercial insurance I.D. card and provide information about secondary coverage prior to or at the time they are registered.


Insurance Plans
The following is a list of health plans* accepted by Our Lady of the Lake. Talk to your employer or call us at (225) 765-8511 to make sure the Lake is part of your health plan



Aetna U.S. Healthcare
APS Healthcare (formerly IRG/CNR)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana
Choice Care
CIGNA Behavioral Health
CIGNA HealthCare of Louisiana, Inc.
Comprehensive Behavioral Care
Coventry Health Care of Louisiana, Inc.
Employers Health Network
FARA PPO Network
First Health
Gilsbar 360
Government Employee Hospital Association (GEHA)
Greater Lafayette PHO
HMO Louisiana, Inc.
Hospice Foundation
Humana Gold Choice
Humana Health Plan of Louisiana
Humana Tricare/Champus
Humana Veterans Hospital Services
Integrated Health Plan, Inc.
Louisiana State University Athletic Foundation
Louisiana Workers Compensation Corporation
National Provider Network, Inc.
New Directions Behavioral Health
Office of Group Benefits PPO
PACE Baton Rouge
Peoples Health Choices Plus (HMO-POS)
Peoples Health Group Medicare (HMO-POS)
Peoples Health Secure Health (HMO-SNP)
PPO Plus
Sterling Life Insurance Company
Three Rivers Provider Network
United Behavioral Health
United Healthcare of Louisiana
USA Managed Care
Wellcare of Louisiana, Inc.
Woman's Hospital Employees


*Please be advised that the above listing may not apply to all OLOL-based physicians. Specific information related to the participation status of OLOL affiliated physicians will be provided by the hospital upon request.



Managed Care Plans participating with Our Lady of the Lake (HMO/PPO)
Our Lady of the Lake participates in numerous managed care plans and accepts assignment of benefits from these plans. Patients may be expected to pay their co-payment at the time of admission. Patients are billed for any balance identified as due by their plan. Patients are not billed for disallowed amounts as defined by the terms of the hospital's agreement with the managed care plan. If a patient has verified secondary insurance coverage, Our Lady of the Lake can file for the balance remaining after payment by his/her primary managed care plan.


Patients should present their plan I.D. card prior to or at the time they are registered and contact their insurance plan to pre-certify their stay.


If a patient is covered by a managed care plan, he/she is expected to obtain authorization prior to receiving any services


Managed Care Plans not participating with Our Lady of the Lake
There are some managed care plans in which Our Lady of the Lake does not participate; therefore, a patient's level of coverage is dependent on his/her individual plan. Some plans require patients to use specific hospitals for their care or pay at a reduced rate if they use a nonparticipating hospital.


Private or self-pay
Patients who do not have third-party coverage are requested to pay in full at the time of service for inpatient and outpatient services.


A pre-admission deposit is required prior to the delivery of services. If a patient is not able to pay in full at the time of service, he/she will be referred to an Our Lady of the Lake financial counselor, who assists patients in making financial arrangements for the balance of charges.


The financial counselor may refer patients to a Medicaid enrollment advocate to determine if they qualify for some form of government financial assistance with their hospital bill.


Patients may receive statements from their physician, anesthesiologist, radiologist, pathologist or other medical specialists for the services received during their stay at Our Lady of the Lake. An itemized bill for hospital charges is available on request.


Payment options
Our Lady of the Lake offers you the convenience of paying your hospital bill online. Visit our online billing center at your convenience - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Other alternatives for patients to pay outstanding balances for medical services include but are not limited to cash, personal check, money order, credit card, short-term payment plan or referral to reputable lending institutions. Financial counselors are prepared to assist patients in identifying the most appropriate payment option for them.


Our Lady of the Lake accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card for payment of hospital bills. For your convenience, our online billing center accepts payments using all major credit cards and e-checks.


Delinquent accounts
Our Lady of the Lake consistently refers delinquent accounts to outside collection agencies and/or attorneys for recovery of payments due.


Patient responsibility
Just as Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center accepts responsibility for providing medical services to patients, patients are responsible for paying for services in a timely manner. At the time of admission, patients are required to sign a "Consent for Treatment" and "Responsibility for Payment" regardless of insurance coverage. Patients should verify the information prior to signing.


Providing Our Lady of the Lake holds an assignment of benefits signed by the patient or by virtue of a contract with the payor, the hospital will file a third-party claim with a verified payor.


Our Lady of the Lake allows approximately 60 days from the date of discharge or the date of service for a patient's third-party insurer to pay Our Lady of the Lake. During this time, patients will receive statements from Our Lady of the Lake to keep them aware of the status of their account. Patients are ultimately responsible for payment of their hospital charges. After 60 days, patients are billed directly if payment is not received from their third-party insurer.


For questions about Managed Care Services, please call (225) 765-8511 Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm.



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