Child Life Specialists

Our eight Child Life Specialists are members of the healthcare team specifically trained to work with children and help them understand their illness and what to expect while in the hospital. Child Life Specialists help the hospital become a not so scary place for children.

They are educated in Child Development or a related field of study so they communicate with our patients in terms that a child can understand. Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital is the only hospital in Baton Rouge with a Child Life Department.

Child Life Specialists wear bright colors and carry distraction bags to use during procedures, testing and even surgery. This usually includes a number of items, such as bubbles, crayons, arts and crafts or video games, all of which a kid can associate with a safe, familiar environment.

Our Child Life Department has a variety of ways to help children understand their care. From medical play with dolls and medical equipment to child friendly photos to describe different procedures, Child Life Specialists are here to help both the patient and parents feel comfortable and understand exactly what to expect.

If you would like to learn more about being a Child Life Specialist click to learn more about our Internship Program and Practicum Program.